Where Money and Emotions Meet


Dr Melkumian is the founder of the Financial Psychology Center, which works to help people normalize their relationship with money by helping them to understand where money and emotion meet.

Financial stress is identified as the #1 stressor in America. This financial stress results in a variety of anxieties within clients making it difficult for them to function normally in a world where we deal with finances daily. This cause of deep discomfort and disorder is often overlooked and undervalued as a psychological issue that requires support and healing. For individuals to truly thrive, they need to become aware of and process that which contributes to the irrational financial mindset and behavior so they may live a life of financial ease regardless of their means.

Dr. Melkumian’s interest in financial therapy was incited by the financial psychopathology he encountered in his work with patients following the 2008 recession. Due to the overwhelming need of therapeutic services Dr. Melkumian pursued a doctorate degree in clinical psychology with an emphasis on financial therapy. Having come to America from the former Soviet Union, Dr. Melkumian realized financial struggle often arises from our childhood experience with money and how we develop an emotional relationship with it. He now works to help people uncover, discover and discard the attachment between their money and emotions.